Ministry journeys for key moments in parish life.

A resource center to guide parishioners towards specific ministry goals using templates, downloadable guides, email banners, and more.

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Customizable resources

Roll-out plans
Email templates
Web resources
Social templates
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For parish-specific goals

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Each quarter we will be release a batch of journeys built with pastors, ministry partners, and our team at Tilma.
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About Companion

Companion by Tilma is a resource center that offers ready-to-use tools and resources to support and enhance your parish's ongoing spiritual engagement and missional efforts.

Common questions about getting started with Companion.

Does companion only work with Tilma?

Companion is optimized for Tilma but any parish can buy it and implement it using their digital tools! You can check out the options for Tilma Parishes here.

How easy is it to use Companion?

We create blank templates that can be used as is or customized to your parish. Each template will need to be downloaded and implemented yourself (except landing pages which our customer success team can help with). Our Customer Success team is here to help with any questions in building out emails, pages, or more in Tilma.

How can I share suggestions?

Head to our Contact Page and send us a note! We encourage all feedback and suggestions.

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